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    Are you looking for Indian Ocean Islands Holiday packages?

    Indian Oceans Islands are known for its tropical weather and is a year round holiday destinations for travelers.No wonder this is the 1st place travelers look to travel when they need an break from every day life.

    Mauritius has an large range of adults and family holiday resorts scattered around the island. The most popular options are all inclusive resorts on the beach. They offer entertainment, water sport activities, beach and Spa facilities. How can you not come back relaxed and refreshed?

    Zanzibar is located just of the coast of Tanzania. Travelers can reach the island by Ferry, however the more popular option is taking an direct flights. Here you go to experience new cultures, and soak up the African sun. Visit Stone Town Markets to see how the locals do business. Here you will see how the locals auction off their catch of the day and sell all food products.

    Now, Maldives is just South of India and most popular option is flying with Emirates to get this this magical paradise. Maldives holiday packages start from Beach bungalows to over water villas.

    Then, Seychelles consist of many granite and coral islands and largest is Mahe. Around Mahe travelers can enjoy range of accommodation options from Self Catering, to luxury all inclusive resorts. Seychelles hotels can be pricey, but why not just do breakfast and explore the local restaurants and meet the locals of the islands? There are many guest house and self catering options to experience the island in an different way.